Long-term successful selling

Sales success has 3 main reasons and therefore also 3 prerequisites

1. Harmony between your personality and selling method
The prerequisite in this case is self-knowledge. Only those who know their strengths, their weaknesses and limitations can consciously use the adapted selling methods and techniques.

2. Adapting to the characteristics of clients to the extent which corresponds to the authenticity of the salesman
The prerequisite for adapting is the knowledge of people. The automatic consequence of self-knowledge and knowledge of people is the optimization of social competence.

3. Specific knowledge of the product
The prerequisite in this case is the knowledge of the characteristics of the product that are in accordance with the individual motives and needs of clients.

Guiding people to success

Success in guiding people has 3 factors and therefore 3 prerequisites:

1. Harmony between personality and leadership method
The prerequisite for this factor is self-knowledge. Only those who know their strengths, their weaknesses and limitations can consciously use the adapted methods and techniques of management.

2. Synchronizing different characteristics of associates
The prerequisite for synchronizing the different characteristics of associates is the knowledge of people. The automatic consequence of self-knowledge and knowledge of people is the optimization of social competence.

3. Specific knowledge of the project/task
The prerequisite is the knowledge and defining of project tasks which are in accordance with the individual Biostructure of the individual team members.


I am unique – so are you

Structogram is a training system with a tradition of more than 20 years and it has had approximately 1.5 million participants so far. It is known for quick and intuitive acquisition of content and immediate implementation. In addition to that, it is aimed at the needs of individuals and it has universal applicability.

The Biostructural analysis is learned during the training. It is not a psychological test but rather a neutral method for revealing the individual, genetic characteristics and behaviour of a personality. Structogram is a visualized result of the Biostructural analysis and it gives the participants of the training precise knowledge on the basic structure of their personality and thus their strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

Instead of “universal” rules of behaviour and actions, the individuality of each person is the main focus of the training, which gives the participants an opportunity to make optimal use of their personal potential. You will learn how you can develop in accordance with your nature and therefore remain authentic.

The Triogram was based on the Structogram method and it is used for identifying the personal structure (biostructure) of other people. Therefore, you can understand the individuality of others better, address them more appropriately and avoid potential conflicts. The result of this is social competence, one of the key prerequisites for a lasting and sustainable success in sales or successful management of teams.

Foundation for successful personality development

With the help of Structogram training system, you will recognize individual motives and needs of clients and associates quicker and better.

The Biostructural analysis and Structogram are proven initiators of personal development. The Structogram is learned as part of trainings that are guided by licensed Structogram trainers. The training is realistic and efficient because in addition to environmental influences, the genetic predispositions as unchangeable elements of human personality are also taught. The trainers use Biostructural analysis for individualization of trainings. They implement Structogram with great success.

The triune brain

It has been scientifically proven that personal characteristics have a significant effect on the individual functions of the brain. The renowned American scientist in the field of human brain Professor Dr. Paul D. MacLean showed that the human brain consists of 3 parts which control different functions.

Despite their differences, these three brains still form one “triune brain” and they “cooperate”. Each part of the brain respects “its rules” in this intercommunication.

Every human being has a different genetic division of influence in the 3 brains and it is constant among adults – one’s personal Biostructure.

The anthropologist and the father of the Structogram method Rolf W. Schirm in cooperation with Dr. MacLean identified and defined typical personality traits in the Biostructure method that unambiguously point to the connection between these 3 brains.

From this knowledge they produced a catalogue of questions that are used for determining the strength of individual influence of all 3 brains. These questions make up the foundation for the creation of a personal Structogram key during the training, which is a visual representation of the influence of all 3 brains.

In practice, the visual representation means the allocation of colours for all 3 brains individually. GREEN for the brainstem, RED for midbrain (limbic system) and BLUE for the big brain.

The Biostructural analysis makes a distinction between the CODE of human personality which is genetically predetermined and therefore an unchangeable trait from those acquired under the influence of the environment, varying characteristics, which we have no permanent influence on.

The history of Biostructural Analysis

The Structogram training system (Biostructure analysis) was based on the findings of scientific research of the human brain. It has been confirmed also by the latest results of anthropological disciplines and systems sciences.

The American brain researcher and Director of the Brain Evolution and Behaviour Institute at the National Institute of Mental health, Bethesda/Maryland, Professor Dr. Paul D. MacLean studied the fundamental evolution/biological principles and mechanisms of action (functional structure) of the brain in the 1970’s and 1980’s. He discovered that our brain kept the basic evolutionary development elements.

MacLean described this discovery with the term “Triune Brain”. His discovery contributed to the understanding of the correlation between the structure of the brain and the human being, i.e. the human behaviour.

The anthropologist Rolf W. Schirm from Munich developed the model of the human personality based on numerous empirical studies. He found the uniqueness and accurateness of this Structural model in the natural and scientific foundations of the “Triune-Brain-Concept” of Professor MacLean.

The result of their meetings that were held during the 1970’s is the Biostructural analysis and Structogram.

One of the founders of Schweizerisches Institut für Betriebsökonomie and former owner of Organisator publishing company from Zurich Dr. Victor Bataillard met Rolf W. Schirm during the 1980’s. Together they established IBSA - Institut für Biostruktur-Analysen AG in Zurich as an international franchisor.

Following the death of Dr. Bataillard, the Swiss Peter Stutz took over the management of the Institute which today operates from Lucerne, Switzerland.

Following the death of Rolf W. Schirm, Director of the German Structogram Centre and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of IBSA Jürgen Schoemen and his team of interdisciplinary scientists found the scientific foundation of the Biostructural Analysis in neuroscience, molecular biology as well as behavioural genetics.

The team of authors Christian Reist, Juergen Schoemen and Peter Stutz spent the following years developing the Structogram Training System as we know it today. The modular system with “Structogram – Key to Self-knowledge”, “Key to understanding others” and “Key to clients”.