In professional circles, Darko Mirkovic is recognized as an entrepreneur and consultant as well as a brilliant coach with substantial practical knowledge. Participants who utilized methods and skills attained during seminars hence advancing in their professional and personal life, serve as an indicator as to why there is always an extra seat required at Darko’s lectures.

When asked how he achieves continuity in driving people to accomplish exceptional results, he almost always answers: "My life goal is to target great amounts of people to perform at their best as well as utilize their full potential". His moto is "Believe and do it".

That being said, Darko’s dedication and strong attitude towards developing human potential and professional skills, was recognized by Brian Tracy, one of the global leaders in this field. Thus, Alterna International Ltd Belgrade, founded by Darko Mirkovic, attained Master License for programs including professional and personal skills development, offered Brian Tracy Global ( Alterna International is the Master licensee in: Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Montenegro and FYR Macedonia. On that note, Alterna International procured the right to using "Powered by Brian Tracy" as part of its brand.

Furthermore, Darko Mirkovic is one of the first licensed coaches in Serbia for "Structogram- Training System" (

His lectures on various subjects have been attended by more than 25.000 people from a large number of companies. Also, as part of his coaching program, Darko Mirkovic held more than 600 seminars in banking and insurance sectors.

Darko built his career at companies with an exceptional reputation. At Raiffeisen Bank he successfully performed all duties of a Regional Coordinator as well as a Mortgage Sales Leader. After a successful engagement at Raiffeisen Bank he moved on to Generali Insurance and procured the Regional Director position. While at Generali, his pervasive strategy contributed to attaining a large percentage of the market in life insurance sales.

He is currently developing and implementing new ideas for expanding his already successful ventures. He considers education essential in times of crisis and puts it above all else; as he says: ATTITUDE, KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS are three key parameters for survival and progress.

Darko Mirkovic is a co-founder of a business system "Aliansa", which is a joint venture by an important group of individuals, companies, agencies and institutions that closely cooperate on a joint mission. Through its activities thissystem has enabled the idea of financial education to really come to life and directly reach 70 000 Serbian people in a very short time.

Darko has extensive experience and an expert reputation in the fields of employee development, training, coaching and sales management. He is an exceptional motivational speaker and he can help you achieve the results you want including more sales, increased productivity, higher profits, and improved performance. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, Darko and his team will help you achieve your goals.

Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International

Darko Mirkovic is the "Brian Tracy" of the Balkans. He is extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about professional development and training. It is rare to meet a motivational leader with Darko’s skills, experience and high standards.

If it is your goal to improve culture, profits and productivity, Darko and his team will help you achieve fast, measurable outcomes. For anyone looking for professional training and business development, I highly recommend Darko as an inspirational leader who delivers results.

Andrew Phillips, CEO, Brian Tracy Global: Director of Intl Development for FocalPoint Coaching

Mr. Mirković has proved himself as very reliable person as all parts of the contract have been fulfilled in excellent manner regardless if that was time or quality of consulting service. Furthermore he has a great understanding of sales processes and what motivates the salespersons. He has put a lot of effort to understand our situation and way of thinking to be able to offer a precise advices aimed at solving our problems without offering any of theoretical stories that could cover any problem in any company. He was of great help to us and I am very thankful for that!

Igor Pureta, President of the Management Board - Grawe Croatia